We empower professional investors to make peoples’ lives better and more secure by seeking to raise returns on invested capital.


Empowered by more productive investments, charitable foundations can grant more, endowments can support more, families can conserve more, sovereigns can fund more, and retirees can be more secure for longer.

We stay on the forefront of technology to remain on the investment frontier.

We are in the golden age of analytics. Technology is all pervasive in our day-to-day lives and it’s woven into everything we do. We believe the advances that are driving innovation in computer science, engineering, medicine and other leading industries can also be applied to finance. We work to apply these advances to the financial solutions that we create.

We believe the investment landscape is vast.

The investment landscape is vast. It extends around the globe, across scale of time, and into data realms difficult for humans alone to see. Because we envision a future where standard asset returns will converge to nearly a free service, we believe adding value will be measured by improving upon those results by harnessing new dimensions of return and capturing them more efficiently for the investor.

Alignment with our investors is a source of value.

No matter how technological or scientific the process for generating superior returns becomes at the end of the day we are working to benefit people. Sharing goals with our investor partners is the only way to realize the best outcome for the true needs of the underlying investor. That’s why we’re shifting the conversation and the balance of risk between the asset manager and investor so we can focus on the real problems.

Bringing the best people together.

Low capital productivity in our pension plans, benefit trusts, and intergenerational capital pools is an enormous societal challenge. In order to solve the immense challenges that lay before us, we must bring the brightest people together. That’s why we’re creating the cultural and technological infrastructure to nurture and enable talented individuals to flourish.

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We commit to far more than rigorous risk management.

The quantification, mitigation, and even absorption of risks is a rewiring source of value delivery. It begins at the design level not as an afterthought. We are pioneering the concepts of what it even means to be an asset manager.

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