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Drawing upon a library of investment strategies developed over more than three decades of experience, we harness enduring global returns from four major asset classes: foreign exchange, commodities, fixed income, and equities.  We combine them in creative ways to achieve the alpha and capital preservation that sophisticated investors seek. Our strategy depth enables us to offer investment solutions that can help you:

  • augment investment returns,
  • mitigate systemic risks, and
  • achieve portfolio diversification across market cycles.
Hedge Strategies

Hedge Strategies

Focus on generating true diversifying returns across market cycles.

Welton Global

Focuses on absolute returns and true diversification across economic cycles. Features little to no correlation to broader markets and incorporates dedicated downside equity protection.

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Welton Trend

Focuses on multi-asset class long-term trend returns across economic cycles. Features true diversification through little to no correlation to broader markets.

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Advantage Strategies

Advantage Strategies

Focus on improving style-class returns while fully integrating risk allocation and downside protection.

ESG Advantage

Advances ESG investing by seeking to outperform equity indices over market cycles while lowering risks. Combines a multi-asset class, rigorously screened ESG portfolio with fully integrated risk allocation and downside protection strategies. Launched in 2020.

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