Why Welton?

We align with our clients to solve their key investment challenges and create value through the preeminent focus on their target outcomes.

We focus on clients’ chief objectives.

  • Full actuarial targets plus a premium
  • Full payout rates and inflation growth plus a premium
  • Full benchmark achievement plus a premium
  • Not just matching an allocation “bucket”

We understand institutional investor pressures and risks.

  • Growing liabilities

  • Demographic and longevity trends

  • Growing demands for support

  • Governance and reporting expectations

  • Current environment of historically low yields and uncertain forward equity expectations

We address equity risk.

  • Equities are a large portion of most portfolios
  • Equities often pose the greatest source of risk
  • Tail risk protection is a critical component of every portfolio

We know investors need greater simplicity, despite rising complexity.

Asset class betas are often readily available. Unfortunately, so are risks, volatility, and unexpected loss.

Investments providing true diversification, alpha, and aligned with the investor’s desired outcome are rare. Capacity is limited. Our principle philosophy is to partner with our investors even to the point of fully adopting their own targets and commit to long term outcomes. That is Complete Alignment.

Our parallel efforts in Strategy Research, Allocation Science, and Complete Alignment partnering bring investment solution capabilities to uniquely solve our client’s biggest challenges.