Why Welton

Experience, acumen, creativity

Pursuing better client outcomes

We are committed to designing the differentiated outcomes you seek. We draw on our experience, investment acumen, and creativity to make them a reality.

  • We believe scientific, data-driven insights backed by decades of capital markets experience are the foundation of a successful investment process
  • We develop and draw on an extensive toolkit of non-correlated strategies across multiple asset classes
  • We embrace intellectual honesty and collaboration

Our mission

Our commitments
to you

Each day we empower our team to think differently, innovate, and design solutions that make a positive impact for you.

For our clients, we build investment solutions for your desired outcomes, engendering your trust and empowering your mission.

For our employees, we create a workplace where creativity, accountability, dignity, respect, and inclusivity are rewarded.

For our communities locally and worldwide, we engage supportively, responsibly, and sustainably.

Our history

ongoing evolution

Our enduring commitment to making better investment outcomes has been our primary focus. Since inception, Welton has evolved from a boutique trading advisor into an institutional investment management firm with an experienced team, innovative proprietary investment systems, and a robust operational infrastructure.

1989 – 2009 – futures focus

1989 – 2009 – Futures Focus

  • Patrick and Annette Welton founded Welton Investment Partners just months before accepting a contract with one of the world’s largest trading firms while Patrick was in a post-doctoral position at Stanford University Medical School
  • Welton’s trading success brought steady increases in capital and attracted outside clients focused on futures trading
  • Welton Global launched in 2004 and trades directionally across four asset classes

2010 – 2013 – Institutionalization

  • Welton completed a multi-year transition to become an institutional-caliber alternative asset management firm by steadily recruiting senior managerial, technical and operational talent
  • Expanded operating footprint with a New York office and SEC-registered securities coverage
  • Innovated our quantitative allocation platform and framework for portfolio construction that incorporates dynamic market and trading strategy information
2010-2013 Institutionalization
2014 to present – strategy expansion

2014 to present – Strategy Expansion

  • Hosts a deep library of investment strategies implemented across a variety of Hedge and Advantage Solutions
  • Capabilities include global capital markets coverage, scaled trading volumes across multiple time dimensions, and novel applications of machine learning
  • Launch of ESG Advantage strategies in 2020

Awards and accolades

Our commitment to excellence

Our dedication to delivering the best of Welton is reflected in what others have seen in us, some of which are shown here.

US Quant Awards 2021
Finalist - ESG Investing Awards 2021
2020 Investors Choice Awards
HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2018
HFM US Quant Awards 2020
Welton Investment Partners