We are pleased to announce that Welton Global and Welton Trend were shortlisted for this year’s HFM U.S. Quant Performance Awards 2021.

  • Multi-Strategy Quant | Welton Global
  • Systematic Macro Fund | Welton Global
  • Trend Follower | Welton Trend 


A complete list of all shortlisted managers can be found here.  Winners will be announced on February 25, 2021.

*To be considered for the HFM US Quant Performance Awards, a manager must submit an application to the organizer regarding their firm and programs for review. There are no fees charged by the organizer for a manager to participate in the selection process. From the manager applications submitted, shortlisted managers are identified by the organizer for each category. Shortlist selection is based on the criteria and process set forth below by the organizer and may not reflect the opinions of all investors and industry experts. Past consideration for such an award is not necessarily indicative of future qualifications.

The HFM US Quant Performance Awards were open to US and Canadian-based managers who met a minimum criteria around base of operations, strategy, assets under management, and track record. Upon fulfilling the minimum requirements, fund managers were judged by a panel of representatives from HFM, leading institutional and private investors and industry experts. Each member of the judging panel had an equal weight in choosing the winners in each category they were assigned and sought to reach a unanimous decision, although a majority was sufficient. Judges focused on absolute performance as well as standard deviation of returns and outperformance to the relevant HFM benchmark. They also took into consideration the relative AUM, nature of the investment strategy, track records, other supporting materials and professional knowledge they had about shortlisted funds to come to their decisions. This methodology ensured the awards reflected how institutional investors assess hedge fund performance in their allocation decisions in the real world. The judges and HFM staff had discretionary power to move submissions into alternative categories that they thought were more suitable, or to disqualify entries. All judges were required to sign a disclaimer form to keep information about entries and the final winners confidential.


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