Dr. Patrick Welton
Founder & Chief Investment Officer

We are ever mindful that we are managing more than just assets. Our mission is to improve the lives of many.

Our vision when building Welton Investment Partners was to seek to deliver returns on invested capital so our investors could grant more, support more, conserve more, and fund more benefits with greater security. We realized that by building an asset management firm focused on what was best for our investors, in turn, we could positively affect the financial freedom and security of the greatest number of people.

Our solutions solve real challenges side by side with our investors.

One of the largest challenges facing the developed world is underfunding. The gap between committed capital and expected benefits has led to return requirements that have seldom been greater. Our solutions seek to close this gap: they pursue long term capital appreciation along with long term tail risk protection. They also include the Welton Complete Alignment Model™®, designed to put clients’ interests first while improving investment characteristics.

Architecting the future starts with strong pillars

Our philosophy focuses on the methodical pursuit of evidence-based facts  based on decades of scientific experience. We believe the foundations of investing rest upon history, experience, and process discipline, with the future of investing guided by technology, science, and discovery.

There will be leaps and bounds in investment inventions, but few will provide real impact to investors. Recognizing this we have designed a repeatable, sustainable, transparent, and measurable investment process.

Hover over each step in our process below for a description.

Dedicated to one purpose

We are thought-leaders in how we approach research. We empower our team’s creativity and new discoveries.

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Operational excellence is just the beginning. 

Just as we believe risk extends beyond investment risks alone and should be managed at the enterprise level, we believe that excellence goes beyond performance results alone. Our strong organizational culture and transparent operations have been vetted by many of the largest consultants and most sophisticated investment groups in the world. We are a proud member of AIMA and a signatory of SBAI. Learn more about how our operational processes go above, beyond, and lead the best industry standards.


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