We are Welton. We are committed to delivering investment outcomes.

Our ethos

Outcomes over products

We solve for your principal investment objectives. Our focus is asking the right questions. Our process is systematic, transparent, and intellectually collaborative. Our value is living up to your expectations.

Our mindset

A tradition of questioning the traditional

Constraints bind investors. Our approach draws on a rich history of unconstrained thinking and experienced investment acumen. We believe in the clarity of first principles to create solutions for your investment challenges.

Our People

Our people

Dedicated to
making a difference

Our team combines veteran capital markets and finance professionals with scientists, mathematicians, and engineers in pursuit of investments that make a difference.

ESG at Welton

Amplify your values

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is an enduring and generational thesis. When approached with rigor and data-driven insights, we believe ESG enhances results. Factoring ESG into our business and client offerings also forges a link between our corporate citizenship and the growing number of investors orienting themselves toward more responsible portfolios.

Introducing Welton Advantage strategies

Our Solutions

Designed to achieve your goals

Unconstrained by convention or product silos, we channel our experience into creating non-correlated strategies that aim to address common yet frequently unmet investor needs:


  • Improved returns
  • Downside protection
  • True diversification

Hedge strategies

Focus on generating true diversifying returns across market cycles.

Advantage strategies

Focus on improving style-class returns while fully integrating risk allocation and downside protection.

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