The future of investing will be guided by science.

Artificial intelligence and basic heuristic systems are already available today. In the next one to two decades, we will see technology disintermediate the beta-type asset management and risk management. Investment innovations can advance by leaps and bounds; this is the heart of our process.

Architecting the future starts with strong pillars

We believe the foundations of investing rest upon history, experience and process discipline, with the future of investing guided by technology, science and discovery.

There will be leaps and bounds in investment inventions, but few will provide real impact to investors. Recognizing this we have designed a repeatable, sustainable, transparent and measurable investment process.

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We believe in science.

Disciplined and consistent application of our strategies enables us to track our actual performance against our research expectations, to objectively discern successes from failures, and to identify opportunities for further study.

We combine talented teams and technology in our research process.

We recognize the value of a disciplined, testable, and reproducible process driven by teams of highly talented individuals. Our investment research combines science, technology, and multi-disciplinary teams to yield rare insights.

Investment Strategy Lifecycle

Hover over each step in our process below for a description.

Investment ideas that are input into our models have proven true and repeatable after multiple layers of scrutiny.

We believe in continuous improvement.

Our findings provide a rich source of data for ongoing strategy refinement, strategic offspring, and novel research ideas. This contribution is significant, and has historically served as a fertile source of future innovation.

We seek added value from portfolio construction.

As a multistrategy firm, our portfolio construction process benefits from the deep understanding that we possess on each of our underlying strategies and objective measures of how they interrelate.