Our solutions address real investor challenges.

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Our solutions seek to deliver investor required returns in a time of low expected asset class returns and higher relative risks. By putting the investor first and sharing risks, we can raise the potential for better outcomes.

We believe in creating fully uncorrelated, risk mitigating portfolios.

Our strategies draw from techniques built over decades of experience. Together they seek to deliver the most valuable and difficult to source absolute returns to our investors. We offer solutions that are fully uncorrelated to traditional equity and credit-based investments, while also delivering long-term capital appreciation, and long term tail risk protection.

We trade the world.


We offer a diversified portfolio by asset class, strategy, and holding period, by combining the best diversifying exposures for any level of risk tolerance. We trade in over 3000 global markets with a methodically expanding library of distinct strategies. Our coverage includes liquid market access to equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies in all major developed countries and many emerging countries across every economic sector.

Our edge is creating value through the preeminent focus on our clients’ outcome.

Our investment offerings.

Single-Strategies: to address style class/asset allocation searches

Quantitative Global Macro
Equity Statistical Arbitrage
Systematic Trend

Multi-Strategy: for those seeking Welton’s most comprehensive offering

A comprehensive blend of Welton’s full investment strategies, risk managed with Welton’s full Allocation Science, within a single offering using the firm’s proprietary Welton Complete Alignment Model® for maximum client alignment terms.

Tailored Solutions: for those seeking more complex solutions

Client specific blends of Welton’s investment strategies to create goal-oriented portfolios to address a client’s particular need. Examples include:

Bespoke Portfolios, including innovative ESG solutions using long/short, quantitative, multi-asset, multistrategy capabilities

Benchmark Plus Concept, replicating style class/benchmark experiences with additional alpha (e.g., S&P500 + 100 bps)

Equity Beta Target, including strategies like Equity Market Neutral or Negative Beta

Targeting volatility reduction impact on financials for LDI plan sponsors

We believe in Complete Alignment with our investors.

More than just meeting what investors have unfortunately learned to accept, the Welton Complete Alignment Model® starts by putting the investor first in line. We partner with investors to better achieve their required returns on capital to meet their obligations and goals while sharing risk with them to improve outcomes. We also partner with our investors on providing focused style exposures and innovative pure value added solutions such as adding premium returns to a desired market beta or a current large holding. Successful partnership requires commitment to better results and sophistication on both sides.

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