We are pleased to relay that our Welton Trend program has won Best Trend-Follower at CTA Intelligence’s 2019 U.S. Performance Awards. Welton Global was also a finalist for The Best Systematic Macro Fund.

  • Best Trend-Follower  | (Welton Trend – Won)
  • Best Systematic Macro Fund | (Welton Global – Finalist)


To be considered for the CTA Intelligence US Performance Awards, a manager must submit an application to the organizer regarding their firm and programs for review. There are no fees charged by the organizer for a manager to participate in the selection process. From the manager applications submitted, up to 8 finalists are selected by the organizer for each category. Selection as a finalist is based on the criteria and process set forth below by the organizer and may not reflect the opinions of all investors and industry experts. Past consideration for such an award is not necessarily indicative of future qualifications.

The CTA US Performance Awards were open to US and Canadian based managers who met minimum criteria around Base of Operations, Strategy, Assets Under Management, and Track Record. Upon fulfilling the minimum requirements, fund managers will be judged by a panel of representatives from CTA Intelligence, leading institutional and private investors and industry experts. Each member of the judging panel will have an equal vote in choosing the winners in each category. Decisions should be unanimous, but a majority will suffice. Judging decisions will be based on performance, qualitative information and structural criteria.


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