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Welton® is a veteran alternative investment manager dedicated to developing diversifying investment strategies to measurably enhance our clients' broader portfolios.

Visual Insight Series

Finding Diversification: The Geometry of Time and Correlation

Finding Diversification: The Geometry of Time and Correlation

When someone says ‘time is on their side,’ they’re saying time is working in their favor, and almost always from a long-term perspective. The examples in investing are numerous: exponential growth through compounded interest, the wealth creating benefits of early savings for retirement, or the long-term merits of low volatility…


Sep 25, 2014

Welton Selected as Finalist in HFMWeek’s 2014 US Performance Awards

Welton Global Directional Portfolio (GDP) named as a finalist in HFMWeek's 2014 US Performance Awards in the Managed Futures (CTA) Under $1Bil category.


Jul 31, 2014

Spotlight: Welton Investment Corporation

Alternatives industry pioneer, Patrick Welton, reveals the research behind the performance turnaround of the firm’s flagship GDP program, and details management’s two-year infrastructure reinvestment initiative to extend the firm’s know-how into quant equities and the ’40 Act space.