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Welton® is a veteran alternative investment manager dedicated to developing diversifying investment strategies to measurably enhance our clients' broader portfolios.

Visual Insight Series

Diversification Revisited: What Changed During this Recovery?

Diversification Revisited: What Changed During this Recovery?

The financial recovery since early 2009 has been a most welcome reprieve from the lowest depths of the Global Financial Collapse (GFC). To better understand this recovery, we peeked beneath this rising tide to examine the behavior of investible assets and to ask a few critical questions. Were assets more,…


Sep 25, 2014

Welton Selected as Finalist in HFMWeek’s 2014 US Performance Awards

Welton Global Directional Portfolio (GDP) named as a finalist in HFMWeek's 2014 US Performance Awards in the Managed Futures (CTA) Under $1Bil category.


Jul 31, 2014

Spotlight: Welton Investment Corporation

Alternatives industry pioneer, Patrick Welton, reveals the research behind the performance turnaround of the firm’s flagship GDP program, and details management’s two-year infrastructure reinvestment initiative to extend the firm’s know-how into quant equities and the ’40 Act space.