We empower professional investors to make peoples’ lives better and more secure by seeking to raise returns on invested capital.


Successful investing improves lives. It enables foundations to grant more, endowments to support more, families to save more, sovereigns to invest more, and retirees to feel more secure. These are the outcomes that drive us and give us purpose.

Using technology to propel investing forward.

Technology and data science are unlocking fantastic benefits for us every day. We believe the advances that are driving innovation in computer science, engineering, medicine and other leading industries can also be applied to finance. We utilize data science to advance the craft of investment management.

The investment landscape is vast.

It extends around the globe, across scales of time, and into data realms difficult for humans alone to see. We envision a future where simple asset-based returns will settle at nearly a free service. Adding value will be measured by harnessing new dimensions of return and capturing them more efficiently on behalf of the investor.



Alignment with our investors is a source of value.

We keenly focus on the end-beneficiaries of successful investments, and on serving the needs of our clients, the investment professionals that steward the assets of plans, endowments and foundations. For too long, investment manager terms were not always well aligned with the investor, but we changed that. We’re championing innovative structures that favor our clients’ objectives ahead of our own, with the goal of creating greater shared value for both over the long-term.

Bringing the best people together – coast to coast.

Successful investing has the power to improve people’s lives, and it is people who make those achievements possible. In order to solve the immense challenges that lay before us we strive to be a beacon for the best and brightest. We have the cultural and technological infrastructure to nurture and enable talented individuals to flourish.

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