Dr. François Chevallier-Gravezat, PhD

Research Strategist,
Machine Learning Strategies

Francois Chevallier

François is a Research Strategist for Welton’s Machine Learning Strategy and Risk Platform team. He focuses his research on machine learning in systematic trading, including data acquisition and processing, trading signal development, risk management, and algorithmic execution. He has also spearheaded a number of ESG-related innovations at Welton.

Before joining the firm in 2016, he was a Researcher and Senior Risk Analyst at Aspect Capital. Previously he worked as a Simulation Engineer within the Process Modeling and Operational Research team of the UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) where he modelled the radiological impact of climate and landscape changes on British nuclear waste repositories. François earned a PhD (DPhil) in Computational Mathematics from the University of Oxford (UK) and a Masters of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon I (France). He has published over 10 scientific research papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

“My greatest personal accomplishment is not having one.”

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