We are pleased to announce that Welton ESG Advantage was shortlisted for this year’s Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards.

  • ESG Equity Strategy of the Year | (Welton ESG Advantage – Shortlist)


A complete list of all shortlisted managers can be found here. Winners will be announced on October 6, 2021.

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*To be considered for the Pension Bridge Institutional Asset Management Awards a manager must submit an application to the organizer regarding their firm and programs for review. There are no fees charged by the organizer for a manager to participate in the selection process. Entrants are evaluated over two stages: a quantitative stage (70% weight) plus a qualitative stage (30% weight).

The first stage is purely quantitative and accounts for 70% of the total score. It is used to establish leader boards among the entrants to inform and populate the “shortlists” for each category. Trailing performance versus benchmark carries 40% weight (1-year = 20% weight, 3-year = 10% weight, and 5-year = 10% weight). Net AUM growth over the prior 12-month period carries 20% weight, and the number of institutional mandates won over the prior 12-month period carries 10% weight.

The second stage chooses category winners, and accounts for the remaining 30% of score weight. Judging is performed by a panel of independent and impartial professionals within the Institutional Community. Their first duty is to ensure that the submitted data is correct, and then to begin evaluating qualitative factors for each submitting entrant. Qualitative factor examples include ESG/Innovation, key staff turnover, usage of any marketing and sales materials, etc.


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