Welton Also Announces the Appointment of Matthieu Claudel, a 25-Year Banking & Hedge Fund Veteran, as Research Strategist, Systematic Macro, for Welton France

Paris – September 23, 2022 – Welton Investment Partners (Welton), an alternative investment manager focused on the pursuit of consistent returns across market environments, today announced the opening of its Paris-based investment research center, Welton France. Welton France is a subsidiary of Welton Investment Partners and an extension of the firm’s US-based research team. The opening of Welton France coincides with the launch of Welton’s first European UCITS fund, scheduled to launch this fall, which will offer the firm’s flagship Welton Global investment strategy.

Welton France officially opened on September 23, 2022. The research center is staffed by Dr. François Chevallier-Gravezat, PhD., Research Strategist, Machine Learning Strategies, and Matthieu Claudel, Research Strategist, Systematic Macro. Dr. Chevallier-Gravezat has been associated with Welton for six years, previously in its California office, and possesses 15 years of industry experience. Mr. Claudel, Welton’s newest team member, brings 25 years of experience in portfolio management and proprietary trading within banks and hedge funds. As an extension of the firm’s US-based research team, Welton France is overseen by Dr. Patrick Welton, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Welton and a pioneer within systematic alternatives investing with 34 years of experience.

“Having a presence in Paris particularly allows our firm to tap into the region’s unparalleled pool of qualified mathematics and finance professionals and brings us closer to European-based capital decision makers, which collectively add value to our investment insight,” said Dr. Patrick Welton. “We are so pleased to have Matthieu, and Francois lead our endeavors in France and their work will undoubtedly complement and strengthen the firm’s overall research efforts.”

As Welton France’s newest Research Strategist, Mr. Claudel works on alpha research and risk allocation. Before joining Welton in 2022, Mr. Claudel spent 25 years in portfolio management and proprietary trading within banks and hedge funds. He has lived and worked within the U.S., France, and Switzerland while performing these roles at firms such as Société Générale, Cubist Systematic Strategies, and Millennium. Mr. Claudel holds a Master of Engineering from The École Centrale de Lyon (ECL) in France.

The integration of Welton France and the US-based firm will be overseen by the firm’s President and Chief Risk Officer, Guillaume Detrait. Mr. Detrait has been with Welton for 14 years and possesses both the institutional organizational depth and cultural background to guide the firm through its expansion in France. Mr. Detrait holds a dual US/French citizenship and has attended university in France and Columbia Business School in New York.

“We are incredibly fortunate to establish our research center with two strategists as talented as Francois and Matthieu and given the caliber of additional Paris-based talent we’ll now be able to access, we believe that Welton France will make material contributions to our research and in turn our clients’ investment performance,” said Mr. Guillaume Detrait. “Our strength is derived from our people, and the esprit de corps across our entire staff throughout our three geographies including California, New York, and now Paris, is very special. It is a very exciting time for our firm as we augment our best-in-class research and investment strategies for investors around the globe.”

Welton Investment Partners is not authorized as a regulated or licensed entity in France and is not authorized to provide or otherwise carry out regulated activities in France. This document does not constitute an offer or a solicitation in relation to the provision of any service by Welton Investment Partners and/or its affiliates.

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Welton Investment Partners is an established alternative asset manager that seeks to generate consistent investor returns by identifying recurrent market themes across various market environments. The firm seeks to deliver absolute returns with a low correlation to the broader markets. Welton believes its investment edge derives from an advanced capital allocation process applied to quantitative strategies across equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. Welton manages assets for institutional and private investors, with offices in NY and CA. The firm recently launched a subsidiary, Welton France, an investment research center based in Paris, France. More information is available at www.welton.com.

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