We are pleased to announce that Welton ESG Advantage was selected as a Finalist in the upcoming ESG Investment Awards 2023.

  • Best ESG Investment Fund: Multi-Asset | Welton ESG Advantage

 Welton’s multi-asset ESG program represents an “all weather” approach that seeks to match the perpetual commitment of ESG itself through diversification and equity drawdown mitigation. To learn more, visit our Multi-Asset ESG webpage here.

Hearty congratulations to all other finalists listed here. Winners will be announced on February 23, 2023.


*To be considered for the ESG Investment Awards, a manager must submit a nomination to the organizer regarding their firm and programs for review. There are no fees charged by the organizer for a manager to participate in the selection process. From the manager applications submitted, finalist managers are identified by the organizer for each category. Finalist selection is based on the criteria and process set forth below by the organizer and may not reflect the opinions of all investors and industry experts. Past consideration for such an award is not necessarily indicative of future qualifications. The ESG Investing Awards 2023 are the only awards devoted to assessing and evaluating the best companies involved in all areas of ESG investing across the globe. Awards categories are assessed by a panel of independent judges comprising financial market professionals, academics and independent experts. For each award category there will be a shortlist of nominees from which the judges then choose the winning entrant. Winners will be announced on February 23, 2023.


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